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The Throttle Controller is a compact unit that is fixed to a drivers dash, allowing easy access to adjust settings. The Throttle Controller will increase throttle response by adjusting the signal sent to the vehicles ECU.

Simply the throttle controller eliminates throttle lag on a vehicles accelerator giving you more power quicker!

The Throttle controller has four driving modes, each with customised settings. The customised settings gives a driver the ability to finely tune their vehicles accelerator to suit their personal driving preferences. The throttle controller module has been designed to ensure a high quality product that is suited to the Australian landscape.

​The technology is suitable for both petrol and diesel vehicles

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Response Plus Throttle Controller
  • 4 Driving Modes. 36 Individual Settings
  • Saves Fuel (up to 20%)
  • Quality Built
  • Removes Accelerator Delay from the pedal
  • ​Vehicle Specific Design
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Dash Mount Control

F1 Mode

Lowest setting, you will feel a gentle increase in throttle response. This mode is ideal for off road driving conditions

F2 Sports Mode

Perfect for towing heavy loads and touring. ​The throttle response will be more noticeable than comfort mode.

F3 Mode

Need we say more! For that extra power and boost from a standing start, also ​ perfect for touring & towing.

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